Fit for work, fit for life.

OSPAT (Occupational Safety Performance Assessment Technology) is a fast, effective and reliable daily risk assessment. A systematic assessment that checks employees are fit for work.

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increases productivity

With a proven safety track record – OSPAT contributes to many safety and productivity improvements with lower injury rates.

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health & wellbeing in work and life

OSPAT plays a key role in establishing, sustaining and encouraging a successful safety & fitness culture through a more precautionary and non-invasive safety management.

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OSPAT helps play a key role in sustaining a successful safety culture.

OSPAT (Occupational Safety Performance Assessment Technology) uses a tracking task to assess a person’s hand-eye coordination prior to the start of each shift to identify variations in performance.

The assessment requires each person to keep a moving cursor over the centre of a target on a screen. An assessment takes less than one minute to complete.

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“I believe that having this program as part of our Safety Management System gives Aero Jet a high level of confidence that an individual is actually fit for duty and gives us the opportunity to address an individual’s fitness when it is questionable.”

Lonnie B. Roberts, Director of Operations, Aero Jet Services, AZ USA.
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In the US - more than $150 Billion is spent every year on workplace injuries*.

J. Paul Leigh, Steven Markowitz, Marianne Fahs, Phillip Landrigran
Costs of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses