Aero Jet Services

“OSPAT gives us a very good indication about an individual’s fitness for work. I believe that having this program as part of our Safety Management System gives Aero Jet a high level of confidence that an individual is actually fit for duty and gives us the opportunity to address an individual’s fitness when it is questionable. Although all alerts to date were cleared to proceed to work, that might not always be the case and through the use of OSPAT, we have the opportunity to catch someone before they go to work that would otherwise not even be looked at” (Lonnie B. Roberts, Director of Operations, Aero Jet Services, AZ USA).

“Staff morale has increased considerably… Absenteeism has dropped significantly… Production has increased…” since the introduction of OSPAT. (Koniambo Nickel)

Let’s make each and every work place injury a thing of the past.