Established in 1989, CFTMC is a technical training centre that provides career preparation skills in the field of mining and quarrying. The centre is located in Poro (Municipality of Houaïlou) in the Northern Province of New Caledonia.

With New Caledonia being on the cusp of becoming a major player in the world nickel market, CFTMC performs a critical role in supporting the industry by providing skilled mine and quarrying specialists.

Key to the success of CFTMC is the commitment of the whole team, the quality of their facilities and equipment and their total dedication to Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE).  All trainees graduating from CFTMC leave with a thorough appreciation for HSE. The centre promotes HSE in every aspect of their program, exemplified by policies and procedures, observation and monitoring, and an emphasis on the purchase of specialised tools.

“As part of strengthening our HSE attitude we implemented OSPAT. Our aim is to ensure that no one is injured or hurt by a hazard at work and this is well ingrained in our culture of caring for our people. OSPAT has helped us in several ways. It has helped us identify when a trainee has not been fit for work which has consequently eliminated the risk of an impaired trainee entering a hazardous site. OSPAT has also influenced the trainees to spend their evenings participating in healthy activities. OSPAT plays a key role in sustaining a successful CFTMC safety culture and has been an important tool for developing this culture among the students” (Dominique Le Poac, Director CFTMC).

“Staff morale has increased considerably… Absenteeism has dropped significantly… Production has increased…” since the introduction of OSPAT. (Koniambo Nickel)

Let’s make each and every work place injury a thing of the past.