Fair Work Building and Construction have announced that all contractors involved in Federally Funded building projects must have a comprehensive policy for managing drug and alcohol issues in the workplace.

This is a three-stage approach to auditing drug and alcohol testing requirements which includes audits to ensure compliance.

Contractors must have implemented a compliant drug and alcohol testing policy by 1 February 2016.

Past experience has shown that random drug and alcohol testing of individuals is not an effective determination of a workforce fitness for work. Only testing all employees every day can ensure the safety of individual employees and their colleagues.

However, testing all employees every day is a time consuming and costly exercise.

A highly effective, and proven, alternative is to use the OSPAT system to screen all employees each day. OSPAT not only detects impairment due to drugs and alcohol but also issues relating to a large array of emotional, social and physiological causes.

OSPAT also provides a comprehensive record and reporting system that provides a full audit of all tests which enables a contractor to fully comply with FWBC requirements.

For more information visit www.ospat.com.