Non-invasive Assessments

OSPAT systems involve non-invasive, on-site, compensatory tracking performance assessments undertaken at the commencement of each shift.

Individuals are not tested against arbitrary industry or community benchmarks. The result of each personal performance assessment is compared with that person’s own assessment history. Results significantly outside the person’s current performance profile indicate that for some reason, the person’s fitness for work may be impaired.

OSPAT assessments identify decrements in individual performance without regard to cause and relay these results in real time to the individual concerned and to supervisors having an irrevocable duty of care for safety in the work place. Results are also recorded in a comprehensive database usually administered by occupational health and safety managers.

OSPAT is designed to provide maximum privacy protection to individuals by providing non-invasive, non-judgemental assessments of fitness for work, by encrypting all results and limiting database access to password authorised supervisors who need to know assessment results for safety purposes.

Let’s make each and every work place injury a thing of the past.