Workplace Safety

The pressure of contemporary society and the growing complexity of employee legislation increases responsibilities on organisations to provide safe and healthy work environments, and on employees to maintain satisfactory levels of fitness for employment.

In the interests of safety, organisations are turning to the testing of employees at regular or random intervals to minimise the risk of avoidable accidents resulting from impaired performance.

No single test can identify all the likely causes of impairment. Some are specifically directed at identifying previous substance abuse, but such tests are often invasive, frequently inconclusive, are usually too expensive to be regularly applied and generally provide no indication of current fitness for work.

As human capabilities can be affected by a range of factors including fatigue, stress, illness, medication as well as drug and alcohol abuse, there is growing interest in non-judgemental performance related testing to determine fitness for work.

Performance testing is based on information processing and reaction tasks.

OSPAT (Occupational Safety Performance Assessment Technology)

OSPAT is a fast, effective and reliable method for detecting the cognitive impairment of an individual. The system is the first checkpoint for employees at the commencement of their working shift and is combined with a company’s occupational health and safety system that can also be integrated with security access systems. OSPAT provides a high level of confidence that an individual is indeed fit for work.

Specifically, a 60 second OSPAT test is undertaken by every employee each day as they commence work.

The OSPAT test compares today’s performance with the individual’s average performance and indicates if today’s performance is outside predetermined limits.

The OSPAT test is scientifically based and verified as an effective tool to determine an individual’s impairment not only due to drugs or alcohol but also a large array of emotional, social and physiological causes.

Ospat assessments – safety insurance every time you work.

Let’s make each and every work place injury a thing of the past.