Power Station

This Romteck client is one of the most diverse electricity generators in Australia with existing coal, diesel, hydro and wind assets totalling over 3,200 megawatts (MW) capacity. They own the largest coal fired power station in Australia and also produce and trade green energy certificates.

Continuing to offer many programs to improve the health and wellbeing of their employees, in 2006 their Work Health and Safety Committee recognised that the organisation would benefit from taking a more precautionary approach to managing safety. As a duty of care to ensure that all persons entering the workplace are indeed fit for work and unlikely to represent a risk to themselves or others, they introduced OSPAT.

“We wanted to ensure that every employee entering the workplace was both physically and mentally well prepared for the shift ahead. Because of the hazardous nature of our work, we need to be sure our employees are fit and in no way, for whatever reason, the slightest impaired.”

Following an initial consultation, Romteck provided their client with expert advice on an OSPAT implementation plan. A project manager was allocated to planning the implementation and to engage Operations, IT and HR.

Over the course of 16 weeks, OSPAT terminals were mobilised and fitted. The system was installed and relevant personnel from Operations, IT and HR were trained and prepared with the necessary templates and samples for complying with their corporate governance.

Today, this Romteck client is confident that every employee entering the workplace has passed their OSPAT assessment. The processes for dealing with OSPAT cautionary notifications are well versed to an extent that they take no risks with employee impairment. They boast a Loss Time Injury Frequency Rate of 2.5 per one million hours worked thanks to a system that fosters employee behaviour that promotes a strong culture of health, safety and wellbeing.

“Through strong management commitment to health and safety of our people and the application and analysis of OSPAT results we were able to optimise our mine shift planning.” (Jose Jimenez, Mine Director)

Let’s make each and every work place injury a thing of the past.