Romteck Australia Pty Ltd (Romteck), provider of the OSPAT, Fit for Work, Fit for Life system, is pleased to announce a new distribution partnership with Vantaz, a leading business improvement service provider with a strong focus on mining and HSE in Chile, Peru and Australia.

The new partnership means more mining companies in Chile and Peru will have greater access to ensuring all persons entering the workplace are fit for work and unlikely to present a risk to themselves or others. OSPAT plays a key role in establishing, sustaining and encouraging a successful safety & fitness culture through a more precautionary and non-invasive safety management.

The agreement places Vantaz as a locally based distributor of OSPAT in Chile and Peru and further strengthens Romteck’s commitment to the South American market.

OSPAT was designed in Australia and is manufactured by Romteck with the vision that organisations can be equipped with a solution that fosters employee behaviour that benefits both company and worker.

OSPAT provides a high level of confidence that an individual is indeed fit for work.

OSPAT is a fast, effective and reliable method for detecting the cognitive impairment of an individual. The system is the first checkpoint for employees at the commencement of their working shift and is combined with a company’s occupational health and safety system that can also be integrated with security access systems.

Specifically, a 60 second OSPAT test is undertaken by every employee each day as they commence work.

The OSPAT test compares today’s performance with the individual’s average performance and indicates if today’s performance is outside predetermined limits.

The OSPAT test is scientifically based and verified as an effective tool to determine an individual’s impairment not only due to drugs or alcohol but also a large array of emotional, social and physiological causes.

About Vantaz
Vantaz has its genesis in management consulting, founded in 2000 by former Big 4 consultants who wanted to bridge a niche gap in consulting services within Chile and greater Latin America. With the deep cultural ethos underpinned by its people, today Vantaz is a boutique, independent consulting company with 75 professionals in 2 continents and a legacy of delivering more than 550 projects globally to Fortune 100 companies. Over the last 15 years, Vantaz has migrated from our being a pure management consulting company to one which provides a broader value proposition, especially enabling solutions by leveraging technology. This is reflected in our consulting teams with their deep technology knowledge and our alliances with technology partners and other niche application and automation providers.

Vantaz is also a global company with operations in Chile (Santiago and Antofagasta), Australia (Brisbane and Perth) and Peru (Lima), an alignment which corroborates our strategy to be close to our clients and provide seamless, cost effective services globally while retaining the Vantaz culture. Our culture thrives on our people, who are committed to client success and works flexibly and in close collaboration with client teams.

Vantaz’s current portfolio includes strategic consulting, Information Technology, outsourced services and technology transfer/implementation. We are today an execution focussed company with strong implementation teams who are getting things done.

Andrés Medina
Partner, Project Director
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Las Condes, Santiago
Ph: +56 2 22060290
Mob: +56 9 98228111

About Romteck
Romteck is an Original Equipment Manufacturer specialising in ultra-high reliability IoT systems i.e. Mission Critical applications.

With over 25 years experience Romteck has extensive and proven expertise in the design, manufacture, installation and servicing of industrial grade control and telemetry systems for a range of high end clients both nationally and internationally.

Our solutions are used in applications where failures could be life threatening e.g. Airport Navigation Aids and Fire System Monitoring. Our highly intelligent monitoring and safety solutions play a vital role in the ongoing success of organisations such as Rio Tinto, Telstra and Airservices Australia. We provide an unparalleled service designed to save time and cost while reducing associated risk.

Today our technology is leaping ahead through the integration of cloud based “Mission Critical IoT.” This has allowed us to add further value through highly scalable and streamlined applications, accessible from anywhere, at any time, via desktop, tablet and smartphone devices.

Our services
• Turnkey solutions
• Monitoring Solutions
• FMS – Fuel management
• OSPAT – Fit for work, fit for life
• ASE – Alarm signalling equipment

Peter Zahos
Business Development Manager
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