Are you exposed to the prevalence of workplace illicit drug abuse? Are you and your staff prepared to tolerate an increase in the probability of a workplace injury?

The question is, “how long can the community afford to continue to neglect an evidently mounting problem?”

Every two to three years, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare produce a report that reveals the risks that we are all wide-open to. Not just in the workplace, but in our everyday dealings with society.

The most recent National Drug Strategy Household Survey (NDSHS) collected data from some 24,000 individuals across Australia. The results of this damning report make it very clear that workplace illicit drug abuse is not going away soon.

The solution? OSPAT. At Romteck Australia, we are revolutionising workplace health and safety standards with OSPAT. OSPAT is a fast, effective and reliable method for detecting the cognitive impairment of an individual.

With OSPAT, it takes just 60 seconds to determine if an employee’s assessment identifies a variation in their performance.